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Our company offers high quality products and services to a wide range of customer segments for more than twenty years. Since then, our technical competencies are focussed on developing, manufacturing and distributing adapter units, which are used to readout electronic devices within the energy industry.
regulations protocol IEC 62056-21
Our primary focussed area of R&D work is targeting a certain range of adapters. The aimed adapters for our further development are the whole family of RS232 standard based adapters through to our Bluetooth infrared adapter, which allows to readout and parametrize all existing counters according to the interface-protocol-standard IEC 62056-21.

In addition, we develop and manufacture customized devices that transfer user specified protocols via Bluetooth with transfer rates > 56 kBaud.

Beyond our wide ranged developing areas, we are providing long-term experiences within the field of pressure monitoring and production of small control units for filter cleaning systems as well.

Through to the integrated and flexible manufacturing possibilities, in cooperation with Stachl Elektronik GmbH, products can be customized, developed and produced to customers demands out of one Source only without any difficulties.

Scope of Services

Design and Production

We design and develop electronic devices for the energy industry which are perfectly fitting our customers’ demands. Even solutions for specific and individualized product requirements are offered by us. The development of necessary hardware and software are counted to our daily business to be able to satisfy all of our clients desires. Furthermore, we offer perfectly fitting support for the early stages of our customers’ product development. Last but not least our company’s portfolio covers development assignments for individual units in small, middle and large quantities. 

Prototype construction

In close collaboration with our customers we manufacture prototypes, evaluation- and production samples through to preliminary series.

Following services are offered by us: 

  • Commissioning
  • Preliminary review
  • Test and redesign

With our fully equipped laboratory for electronically devices, we are able to produce evaluation- and production samples professionally.

fully equipped laboratory for electronic devices
In collaboration with our customers we are able to produce the approved evaluation- and production samples at low costs in serial production once the customers requirements are matched.